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Size & Fits

Women's Top Size Chart

cm in cm in cm in
XS 76โ€“80 193.04-203.2 64โ€“68 162.56-172.72 86โ€“90 218.44-228.6
S 80โ€“84 203.2-213.36 68โ€“72 172.72-182.88 90โ€“94 228.6-238.76
M 84โ€“88,5 213.36-224.79 72โ€“76,5 182.88-194.31 94โ€“98,5 238.76-250.19
L 88,5โ€“93,5 224.79-237.49 76,5โ€“81,5 194.31-207.01 98,5โ€“103,5 250.19-262.89
XL 93,5โ€“98,5 237.49-250.19 81,5โ€“86,5 207.01-219.71 103,5โ€“108,5 262.89-275.59

Women's Bottom Size Chart

cm in cm in cm in
XS 32โ€“34 81.28-86.36 60โ€“67 152.4-170.18
84โ€“91 213.36-231.14
S 36โ€“38 91.44-96.52 67โ€“74 170.18-187.96 91โ€“98 231.14-248.92
M 40โ€“42 101.6-106.68 74โ€“81 187.96-205.74 98โ€“105 248.92-266.7
L 44โ€“46 111.76-116.84 81โ€“88 205.74-223.52 105โ€“112 266.7-284.48
XL 48โ€“50 121.92-127 88โ€“98 223.52-248.92 112โ€“120 284.48-304.8
XXL 52โ€“54 132.08-137.16 98โ€“108 248.92-274.32 120โ€“128 304.8-320.04




XS 32โ€“34 4โ€“6 36โ€“38 0โ€“2
S 36โ€“38 8โ€“10 40โ€“42 4โ€“6
M 40โ€“42 12โ€“14 44โ€“46 8โ€“10
L 44โ€“46 16โ€“18 48โ€“50 12โ€“14
XL 48โ€“50 20โ€“22 52โ€“54 16โ€“18
XXL 52โ€“54 24โ€“26 56โ€“58 20โ€“22

Gift From Us

Dear customers , weย hope you can enjoy the shopping experience here.

Be our clientย ,you will not only receive the items you bought, but also a necklace worth 99$.


  • Extension chain๏ผš10cm or less
  • Pendant material๏ผšMother-of-pearl
  • Perimeter๏ผš51cm (inclusive)-80cm (inclusive)
  • Color๏ผšsilver

Delivery Time

Dear all.We ship worldwide.
  • Processing Time:ย 3-5ย Days
  • Standard Shipping: 7-15 Business Days
  • Fast Shipping: 4-10 Working Days
  • Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

30 Days Return Guarantee

Thank you for shopping atย NTG Fad
We gladly accept the return/exchangeย within 30 days of receipt if you are not quite pleased with the items you received. However, please make sure items in new condition.
Simply drop us an email or note before return/exchange, we will try our best to meet your request.
Please note overdue requests may not be accepted.


Return/Exchange Policy

  1. Returns must be received in new condition, unused, unworn, unwashed. Otherwise, returns will be subject to refusal.
  2. Return shipping fees are at customer's own expense.
  3. We do not accept returned packageย without notifying us upfront.
  4. We do not accept packages returned using COD service.


Returnย Request

1.Email return requestโ†’2.Request approvedโ†’3.Receive return addressโ†’4.Customer send shipping info after returnโ†’5.Returned package receivedโ†’6.Release refund

  1. Submitting return request by dropping an email.
  2. Our customer service will communicate with you in the email, please pay attention to the reply. (Usually will reply within one working day)
  3. Please return through your local post office to avoid taxย when it arrives in our country.
  4. Please send us tracking info after you return, which is quite important. Without return info, there will be no refund.
  5. Refund will be released within 5 working days after packages returned to us.


ย Exchange

  1. Return package first, as steps above.
  2. Resend will be arranged once we get return info.


ย What if an item is missing from my package?

In some cases, we may have to split your order so that you can receive some items faster.
Please rest assured, we will resend the item for free if it is missing.


ย What if my package was refused or undeliverable?

  1. Please confirm you enter correct and detail shipping address while ordering to avoid undeliverable situation. Costs caused by your moving (after shipping) will be covered by customer.
  2. We offer resend as soon as the pervious order returned.


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