Linen Fabric

Nature Dye

We only have one earth and we have to look after it even with our fashion choices.

Since we wear clothes all the time, building a sustainable wardrobe is also substantial in order to reevaluate our footprint on nature. But, how to build a sustainable wardrobe, anyway?


  • First, refine your sense of style based on your feelings and needs. Don’t buy or keep anything that you are not sure about or don’t wear anymore.
  • Secondly, buy the ones that have less impact on nature while being manufactured and/or when discarded. If possible, do it yourself, recycle, reuse, repair, and donate. Get off the fast fashion track.


We created a brand, NTG Fad, to meet them. It's not perfect, it won't be able to save the world (hopefully it will), but at least, it uses environmentally materials and processes available in the market and that always appreciates human labor.

Linen Fabric -- is one of the oldest known fabrications used for clothing and one of the most luxe. It is also one of the most sustainable options available to us today.

Nature Dye -- to work only with natural sustainable resources, infusing colors from botanical into each one-of-a-kind piece.

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